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  *Fence removal:  None required
 Demolition and removal
 Demolition only
 Small tree removal
 Vine and folage removal
  *Fence required:
  *Location required:  Left side (looking from street to house)
 Right side (looking from street to house)
 Wing fence
 Gate single
 Driveway Gates
 NO fence at garage
  *Obstacles:  None
 Vines on old fence
 Concrete around fence line
 Trees/bushes encroaching on fence
 Sheds/buildings on fence line
 Pagola attached
 Sprinkler system attached
  *Extra Features:  None
 Exposed posts and capping
 Low panels at front
  *Dogs name/s:
  *Plants:  Precious plants in proximity
 NO precious plants in proximity

Measurements are taken from Council and Real Estate maps. After filling the details click on the SUBMIT button.
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