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Do you build a variety of fences?
Yes we do: Paling, Mirboo, Corral. But not colourbond or picket fences.

Does your work come with a guarantee?
Yes. We guarantee your fence for 12 months for materials and labour.  

Do you use cement to set your posts?
Yes we do. Approximately seven (7) kilograms per post. 

Do you trim the top of the fence?
Only when necessary.
How long can I expect my new fence to last?
Difficult to determine as there are many variables.
For example, exposure to extreme weather and enzymes in the soil, plus attachment of certain plants and vines that promote rotting.    

Should I paint my fence to make it last longer?
Most people don't, but if you do make sure you paint BOTH sides to prevent the pailings from scalloping (warping).

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
Yes. $20 million. Never had a claim yet.
How do you have your coffees?
We appreciate a cuppa especially on cold days, but best to ask whoever is assigned to your job. 

What does the fish symbol represent on your signs?
This ancient symbol is used by Christians to indicate their allegence. In this business context it means the owner is committed to Christian virtues such as honesty, integrity and excellence. It is about 'going the extra mile' where possible and working to the highest ethical standards. JFK's staff are also expected to maintain those standards and virtues.    

What time do you normally start in the mornings?
Legally we are permitted to start at 7.00am but on average it will be closer to 8.00am. We may have more than one job on a day and arrive much later in the day to your site.    

Can I pay in installments?
Sorry. Full payment is required within 7 days.

Do you like dogs?
Yes - at least the President does! We try to get on with pets but if you have a dog that may be aggressive or put out by our presence we request that you separate the dog from the job site.

How long will the job take?
There are many variables but most average yards can be fenced within a day or two. We like to work efficiently and can do so by having experienced staff working as a team, plus having the right tools for the job.  
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